Jalal Ghaemghami


Sunil Purohit

International Society for Phytocosmetic Science

Armando Caceres

International Society for Phytocosmetic Science

Guatemalan Pharmacist, Dean of the School of Chemical, Biological Sciences and Pharmacy at Universidad Galileo. Master’s degree in Neurotoxicology from Rutgers University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, and a PhD. Degree in Pharmacology at Universidad Federal de Sao Paulo, Brazil. RESEARCH INTERESTS Has participated as member and toxicologist at the Research Committee for the creation of the Medicinal Plants National Formulary in Guatemala, and has promoted and participated in phytotherapy research in Guatemala and Brazil. Interested in Molecular Biology/Toxicological research.

Ana Valle

Universidad Galileo

Uma Devi Palanisamy

Monash University

Brian Fitzpatrick

Oriel Marine Extracts

Mona Hetta

Pharmacognosy and medicinal plants Department - Faculty of Pharmacy Fayoum University


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